Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Seeing Triple Digits

No new beads have been listed. It's just too hot to work, too hot to think. Is there relief in site? I hope so. Looking at the local weather forecast, they are calling for temps in the high 90's this week. That's a cold front! The past week and a half temps have been consistently 100-105. When you're sitting over an open flame with a kiln set at 960 at your side and high heat outside your door, you just don't have the desire to sweat it out. Once temps are a little more tolerable, I'll have new things to list.

Until then, I have Contemporary. Periwinkle and peach with black contrast. Different shapes but ranging in the same sizes. Although the picture shows a more orange tone to the peach. It's definitely peachier in real life.

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