Saturday, June 27, 2009


Zingiber- Gold beehive ginger is erect, from 6-8 feet tall, and the inflorescences are basal. The bracts are a golden copper color, becoming reddish as it matures, especially if it gets some full sun. All parts of the plant have a strong gingery fragrance. Attractive in the garden and as a cut flower. Blooms from July through November. Propagated by division, stem cuttings and seeds.

After awhile it get very hard to think of names for a bead set your listing. Especially for me. I seem to go into a total blank state when it comes to naming my set. Most of the time, I'm sure the name has nothing to do with the set, as with this one. During a recent google search, I came across the beautiful flowering ginger plant Zingiber. While this set looks nothing like the flower linked above, it's such a pretty flower and well the name is kind of fun to say.

I used new colors produced by Creation is Messy: Tamarind, Olive and Lapis. And a coral from Effetre. I'm not sure what the name for the coral is but it really looks like tomato soup to me. It's a nice reddish orange.

The two beads I most like in this set are the petal beads. Made using a technique taught by Amy Trescott. She makes the most amazing bead. I'm so glad she shared her technique in tutorial form.

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