Monday, June 29, 2009

Lovin' Murrini!

There are so many things you can incorporate into your bead design: dichroic, leaf and foils (copper, silver, gold, etc.), metal mesh, mica, frit, murrini......well you get the picture. I've tried some of these things in the past with mixed results and feelings. Nothing has really given me that OMG! moment. Ya' Know?

A couple of years ago I had purchased a mixed murrini sample pack off of Ebay. Gotta say I was not impressed in the least. While the chips looks pretty in the container, not so much when I used them in a bead. They bled or devitrified. No matter how I worked them. So on my shelf they sat. I wasn't too enthusiastic on trying any more.

Now I'll admit I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. A big sucker. I've purchased the most horrible tasting fudge because it came in a cute tin with a pink and green bow (my favorite colors). I've bought books that were a complete waste of paper because I liked the dust jacket. I've bought pajama's two sized too small because I liked the bag it came in. I've bought the ugliest glass because it had "pink" in the name. Where am I going with this, you ask?

Okay, I'll get to the point. A while back a fellow bead maker announced her line of Murrini. I was really tempted for a couple of reasons. The over-all presentation. I was really drawn to the pictures/packaging. The second reason? It was glass! I was also very hesitant because of my past experience and I didn't want to sink any money into something I wouldn't like.
Eventually I was tempted enough to make my first purchase and boy am I glad I did! Noting but rave reviews for this murrini and finally my OMG moment!

Renee Wiggins with Jet Age Studio has amazing murrini blends that will NOT disappoint.

In this first set, I used her Silky Sand blend. I started with a base of Effetre Avacado thickly encased in clear. Using the murrini as the main focus of the bead, I added lines and dots in complimentary blue, green and browns.

This second set features the Citron Blend. I started off with a base of Vetrofond Poppy encased in clear. Added the murrini and lines and dots in green, white, red and a bit of fine silver mesh here and there.

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