Monday, November 23, 2009

Turkey FAIL!

Recently I was asked to make a turkey bead. Although I had never attempted one, how hard could it really be? After careful consideration. I decided to go with the "cutesy" version. More on the comical side. The version in my head looked so much better than it turned out at the torch. I don't think you could call this a turkey. Doesn't really look like any turkey I've ever seen. Pity, because I was really rocking the turkey form in my head. Oh well, we'll just chalk this up to the turkey Fail category!


  1. I think that is an adorable turkey! I should aspire to be half that good.

  2. Ah Shari that's such a sweet comment. I think maybe I should market it as a molting turkey as his plumage isn't very nice. :)