Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10 Useless Facts

I think the reason it took me so long to jump on the blog bandwagon is because I find it extremely hard to write about myself and my work. Of course this mentality is not a good thing if you're goal is to have a thriving business. I'm going to step outside of my comfort zone and divulge 10 things about myself. Totally useless and probably of no interest, but it will serve two purposes: (1) Keep my blog updated, as I promised myself I would. (2) Over-come my social limitations, which is cheaper than counseling.

  1. I'm a contradiction in terms: I collect cookbooks but hate to cook. I enjoy looking at jewelry but never wear any. I like gardening/flowers but can't grow anything.
  2. I hate being the center of attention. Yet, I'm such a klutz and the most embarrassing things happen to me that more times than not, I am.
  3. I'm 5'11" and was the tallest girl in elementary and junior high.
  4. I've only flown in a plane 4 times.
  5. I've never seen an animal give birth in real life. (Talk about useless facts!)
  6. I have no sense of direction and get lost in the town I've lived in all my life.
  7. My secret dream, as a child, was to be a farmer when I grew up. (Just plain weird, I know.)
  8. I'm an only child.
  9. I married my High School sweetheart. Still happily married.
  10. Pink is my favorite color.

That was harder than I thought. But it did serve it's purpose for the day. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have something better to post. Off to the studio!

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